Intermediate Google Tag Manager — Tracking Engagement

Lesson Resources

  • GA — Event — Vimeo Tracking
  • CU — Vimeo Tracking — LunaMetrics Plugin
  • Event — Vimeo Tracking
  • Debug Mode
  • DLV — Video Name
  • DLV — Video Name

Lesson Resources

Tracking Engagement: Page Elements

  • Once per page — this trigger will only fire once on the current page. The moment is when the first element that matches the ID or the selector string enters the viewport. Thus if you’ve specified multiple selectors or there are multiple elements with the same ID, this trigger setting will make the trigger fire only once — when the first matched element enters the viewport.
  • Once per element — this trigger will fire just once if an element with a specific ID appears in the viewport (even if multiple elements share the same ID, in which case it will fire just for the first one). However, when using CSS selectors, this setting will fire once for each element matched by the selector(s). In other words, this would be the setting to use if you wanted to create a trigger that fires when different parts of the page enter the viewport!
  • Every time an element appears on-screen — this trigger fires whenever any matched element appears in the viewport, and will do so each time the element reappears.




SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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Deepak Garg

Deepak Garg

SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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