Intermediate Google Tag Manager — Tracking Ecommerce: The Next Level

Differences (and similarities) to Standard Ecommerce

  • Standard Ecommerce only collects transactions (i.e. “Purchase” hits in EEC) — there are no other components to its funnel (in fact, there is no funnel).
  • Standard Ecommerce uses a different category format.
  • Standard Ecommerce doesn’t support Product-scoped Custom Dimensions and Metrics.
  1. The dataLayer.push() must be perfectly formed. There’s no way to modify it on-the-go if you activate the “Use data layer” option. So it’s absolutely vital that you specify and audit the object that is being pushed into dataLayer for Enhanced Ecommerce data collection.
  2. When a tag with “Use data layer” fires, it really only accesses the most recent ecommerce push. So, if you’ve split Product Impressions into multiple pushes and then fire the tag when the last one is done, if the tag has “Use data layer” checked, only the last impressions object is sent to Google Analytics.

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SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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Deepak Garg

Deepak Garg

SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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