Google’s Mobile First Index: Check what All you need to be prepared?

Mobile has become important part in our lives for all the day to day activities. From movie tickets to daily news, mobile has everything. So how internet surfing can stop from coming to mobile. In fact, the mobile searches are more than desktop searches. That’s why all the websites these days are mobile friendly and equally responsive. But this is not sufficient at least your web content should be mobile friendly. To make your content optimized according to a mobile site and first make the search results prioritized as per mobiles. Google has recently introduced Mobile first Indexing.

Steps to improve your website Mobile-First Indexing?

The Google has started testing on mobile first indexing where Google will rank the search listings based on the mobile version content and this listing will be valid for the desktop version. Some of the techniques which can help you to increase the Google ranking for mobiles are:

1. Responsive Websites: The mobile friendly websites more preferred by Google and responsive designs fulfill that. In fact, Gary Illyes of Google said that specific versions of the mobile site and responsive websites will definitely work.

2. SERPs must be according to mobile content:
The pages which have specific desktop-based content for visitors and not mobile-based visitors then there will be variations in results and the reason is mobile specific content. The explanation to this is a use of mobile content first.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages assumed as mobile content:
If the website or blogs have accelerated Mobile pages, then it is indexed first as these as treated like mobile pages.

Now the question arises, how this affects the various websites?

Due to this announcement of Mobile Indexing, many questions have generated in SEO executives and other website owners. The main problem arises for the websites which have different websites for desktop and mobile. The mobile version of these websites is stripped back of the desktop one which is the issue for the new idea of mobile indexing. Also, the content for the mobile website may lack as compared to the desktop one.
There is little effect on the websites which are responsive in nature as the content remains same on both the mobile and desktop versions. So, there will be fewer changes in the google views and hence it will be ranked accordingly.

Now the difficulty is for the websites which have no mobile version. It will rank as per the desktop pages, but according to google announcement, it will rank the mobile pages, so there will be the effect on the desktop website ranking too.

Some Important steps one can follow to reduce the bad effects of it are?

1. Always make sure that your website has mobile pages verified through tools like a robot.txt tester tool. This tool will help you in Google crawling boot.

2. The data must be in a structured form so that Google understands the content quickly. The markup and content should have the same versions of desktop and mobile. This can be tested through the structured data verification tool.

3. The speed of the website or the user experience is the prime factor for any website ranking. The loading time should always be less than 2 seconds and this can be done through Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

This a very big step taken by Google to have a ranking based on mobile indexing and may affect many of the websites. To have best mobile versions of your website you can click on and leave an inquiry for us. Soon we will contact you!




SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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Deepak Garg

Deepak Garg

SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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