Google Tag Manager for beginners — Understanding Google Tag Manager Part 2

  • Key Value pair doesn’t have a comma
  • Key Values doesn’t have brackets or braces

Transaction Data

Product Data

Standard reports

  • Overview: Summary of Revenue, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Transactions, Average Order Value and other metrics.
  • Product Performance: Revenue, Purchases, Quantity, Average Price, and Average QTY by SKU and Category.
  • Sales Performance: Revenue by Date.
  • Transactions: Revenue, Tax, Shipping, and Quantity by Transaction ID.
  • Time to Purchase: Days to Transaction and Sessions to Transaction.
  • Which products sell well, and by inference, which products are best suited for your customer base and which are supported by your best marketing efforts.
  • The revenue per transaction, and the number of products per transaction. For example, if the number of products per transaction is lower than you’d like, you might benefit from offering better quantity discounts, or eliminating shipping costs if customers meet a minimum dollar amount.
  • How long (in time and in number of sessions) it takes customers to make the decision to purchase. If your sales cycle is stable, or fluctuates predictably based on product or season, you can use this information (in conjunction with overall sales forecasts) to make reliable predictions about revenue. If customers routinely make numerous visits before they purchase, you might think about a site design that leads more easily to your purchase pages, or options that let users compare your products and prices to your competitors’.

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SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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Deepak Garg

Deepak Garg

SEO Manager at Coalition Technologies

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